Chronic Care Management allows providers to help patients with multiple chronic conditions better manage their health and increase active patient engagement.

Most providers acknowledge one or more of these issues when it comes to patient engagement during chronic disease management.

Chronic Care Management

– In between office care!


Introduced in 2015, Chronic Care Management is an extension to the delivery of quality care for high risk patients with multiple chronic conditions. CMS considers CCM program as an essential component of patient care under the value-based healthcare model.

Non-face-to-face Care Coordination

Considered as an essential component of primary care by CMS, this non-face-to-face care coordination allow providers to manage patient health outcomes, make informed decisions about patient health and identify risk of further complications. The Chronic Care Management program is equally benefiting for both primary care providers and specialists. Regardless of provider specialty, care planning and follow-ups in between office visits have proven to be effective.

Patient Engagement

The active participation is one of the biggest concern of providers dealing with elderly population. Chronic care management addresses the concern by actively engaging high risk Medicare patient. The monthly follow-ups allows patients to get involved in discussions about their health goals and actively engage to work towards these to achievable goal.

Reduced Healthcare Cost

More than 80% of healthcare spending is on managing patient with multiple chronic conditions. Chronic care management a proactively involve patient with multiple chronic conditions to manage their health hence avoid any possible hospitalizations and ER visits.

Why Choose Us!

3-Pronged Approach!

Structured care planning, customized to address patient health concerns, significantly contributes in improving patient health outcomes, generate revenues and secure better MIPS scores.

Guaranteed Profitability

On average, providers utilizing these coordinated care programs generate between $80,000-$110,000 annually, per 100 eligible Medicare patients.

Care Coordination made simple with Passionate Care Management!

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